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Are you at the beginning of your sporting career? Are you already celebrating international success?

Are you regularly standing on the podium or have already ended your sporting career?

I can assist you with all your media and marketing requirements.

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Are you at the beginning of your sporting career?  Do you need assistance with financing your sporting career?  I can assist you with all your media communication, find best fit sponsorship partners and be your contact person for all your administration needs.

Rising Star

You could have already celebrated your first international successes and have already found partners.  I can maximize your media presence, lift your sporting potential and find new financial sponsors. Furthermore, I will assist you in all your administrative needs and belong to your closest circle of confidants.

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You're world-class. You already get the attention of the media. You are on the shortlist of potential new sponsors. Or, do you have success abroad and need media recognition at home? I can create and take care of your media appearances, maximize sponsorship partners and attend to all your administration needs and advise you with regards to your post-career requirements.


You have completed your sporting career, but still want to continue to use success and popularity.  We can sit together and map out a career path post sport to maximize your continued celebratory status. This could consist of a career move to media communication or the acquisition of new business partners.

Kunden: Highlights
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