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If you want to find business partners and sponsors, you have to be a good communicator in classic media, social media,  website creation and in personal conversations.

I will assist you in all of the above communication strategies form concept to implementation.

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Leistungen: Dienstleistungen


I’ll give you an overview of the most important decision making aspects in your sporting career on and off the field.  I have the experience and knowledge in media networking and business partnering to complement your team.


I’ll guide you through the social media jungle and maximize your exposure.
We will develop a strategy that will equip you with all the effective communication tools on offer.

In addition, I’ll always be there to advise and implement the right media strategies at the right time.


I will develop a marketing plan which will seek to establish the right sponsors/partners with long term goals that will support you throughout your sporting career. 


All your administration needs will be taken care of which will leave you to focus on your sport.

I’ll also be the point of contact for all your sponsors and partners.

In addition, all your relevant data storage can also be managed.

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